Retro Machina


Orbit Studios


Tactical RPG

Release date:

Q3 2020


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Retro Machina is a single player action RPG game that follows the adventures of small robot looking to reclaim the past. Mysteries abound as exploration leads to learning a vast history and origin story. Dodging foes and figuring out intricate answers among puzzles across the ruined cities will shed light on the past.

In a long-devastated world, only one city remains intact. Protected by a glass dome, Endeavor City rises above the wreckage of the past. Inhabited only by robots, the city has been maintained this way for hundreds of years. For this to be so, everything must work perfectly where the imperfect is discarded. The story of the game will introduce a small robot worker, who due to an unknown problem is thrown out of the city, in a world that for it is unknown. In this journey it will unravel the mysteries of this world, the origin of his city and its kind.