Broken Lines




Tactical RPG

Release date:

Q1 2020


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Broken Lines is a story-driven tactical RPG set in World War 2. A game about a group of eight soldiers crash-landing behind enemy lines, in the heart of Eastern Europe, without a chain of command or intel to follow.

The squad has crash-landed behind enemy lines, in the heart of Eastern Europe. With no officers, no leaders, and no intel, they must find an unbreakable resolve if they are to survive. But with only their training and instincts to guide them, survival becomes a difficult goal. First of all, they need to learn to work together to have any hope of coping with the challenges ahead. Each survivor has their own views on what to do, and their own principles on what is acceptable. Some want to investigate what caused their crash, others want to stay low and avoid detection by the enemy. There are even whispers of desertion. It is your task to be the unseeing hand that will guide this ragtag group of soldiers through their struggles. Make your decisions wisely, for they will have real consequences on the fates of the survivors.