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Welcome TiltPack — a new Super!Game for Nintendo Switch

November 08. 2019

We are proud to announce we are publishing TiltPack — our first game releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch! A fun physics-based couch-brawler, TiltPack features a bunch of hilarious characters and fantastic interactive arenas where you fight to win a tournament. The controls in the game are the easiest you can imagine, as rotation is the only ability you can use. It’s easy to grasp how it works, but it takes practice to actually be a good and efficient fighter.

The game is made by Navel — a German independent game development studio that creates games by refining very simple ideas to the highest extent. It was found in 2013 by Thomas Krueger and Fabian Schaub.

Tilt Pack will be released this December, just in time for Winter holidays. Make sure to check it out: being a rectangle has never been that much fun before!