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March 07. 2019

Take a look at the first four games being published under our label. From the astounding art of Raji, to the breathtaking story of Metaphora, there’s something for everyone. To schedule an appointment to talk with us and see some of these fantastic new games at GDC 2019, please contact us in any social media or use our brand new event page.

Retro Machina

Orbit Studios single player action RPG game follows the adventures of small robot looking to reclaim the past. Mysteries abound as exploration leads to learning a vast history and origin story. Dodging foes and figuring out intricate answers among puzzles across the ruined cities will shed light on the past.

Orbit is a game development company focused on providing the best game experience.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, a young girl is chosen by the gods, to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Nodding Head Games is a team of passionate developers based out of Pune, India. Their goal is to deliver top quality games which reflect, stories, myths and lore from the Indian subcontinent.

Broken Lines

Broken Lines is a war-game with a serious story, told from the perspective of the individual soldiers. A game about how far soldiers are willing to go, to survive during war-time – and how they justify it. You control a squad of mismatched soldiers, fighting for survival in Eastern Europe, during WW2. 8 soldiers lost behind enemy lines trying to get home. How many will you make them kill, to help them survive? Broken Lines combines WeGo turn-based squad tactics with storytelling in a single player campaign with rogue-lite elements.

PortaPlay develops games with challenging gameplay and serious storytelling. Games about war and conflicts, told from the perspectives of the men and women experiencing them. Games that immerses you in the characters and the story, and challenges you with tough decisions and deep tactical gameplay with high accessibility.

Metaphora: The Moonycat Quest

Metaphora is an one of the kind story driven adventure game that follows the quest of MOONYCAT, last of his kind, to stop an unyielding pandemic which threatens the world. Aided by his star sidekick Lux, the heroes will lift the veil of mystery that floats on the past of his world and the disappearance of the civilisation. LUX will be the key to make the planet blossom again. Find bravery, compassion, and a new sense of adventure in Metaphora.

MOONYCAT Entertainment is a studio based in Montpellier (France), with the aim of developing best-in-class narrative adventure games based on innovative gameplay mechanics. The studio is supported by Montpellier Business Innovation Center (ranked in the top 10 of Business incubators in the world) and CREALIA.