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We handle
your cash gap

You don’t have to wait months for a store to transfer your money. Just request a payment, and you’ll get it when you need it.
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Get your money when you need it

Don’t feel like waiting months to get your money from stores? We’ll solve your cash-flow problem!
  • Reduce your cash gap and boost your cash flow regardless of your game’s platform
  • Low commissions and one-click payments
  • Fast decision-making
  • You keep all the rights to your game account in stores
Your game
Your rights
You don’t lose your account to us (we have access to it, but we don’t own it). So you’ll still be in charge of everything.
Low, flexible commissions
Not only are our fees quite low, they also adapt to your unique situation. We set our commissions based on the ambitions of your game and scale them accordingly.
Reliable international bank
That’s what makes this all so simple, secure, and fast. You just get an account, and the cash starts rolling in.

Supporting all majority platforms

Don’t feel like waiting?
We’ll solve your cash-flow problem

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