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Alchemist Adventure releases in Early Access on Steam

June 30. 2020

We are delighted to announce our new title: an action-adventure game with RPG elements called Alchemist Adventure that releases in Early Access on Steam today. Alchemist Adventure is a game set in the mysterious fantasy world filled with the wonders of alchemy. This is a story of Mya, a young and talented alchemist exploring the abandoned region of Isur, her former home. Using the power of alchemy, she will fight enemies, solve puzzles, and try to find her loved ones.


Key Features

  • Discover a mysterious world — During the game you will travel through different locations, from laboratories and dungeons, to a factory inside a volcano. Each region has many challenges, hidden secrets, different enemies to fight, and lore to discover.
  • Combine elements and make all kinds of potions — Use the four basic elements (fire, water, air, earth) along with special ingredients (from cuprum to nigredo) to create bombs, elixirs, and sword oils.
  • Transform the world around you — Interact with the environment using alchemy. Raise the water level of a lake, cross a river by creating ice platforms, use the wind to move objects, and create lightning to start an engine!
  • Solve alchemical puzzles — Combine elements to open chests, make paths, or find hidden objects. 
  • Fight all kinds of monsters — Use elements to discover enemies’ weaknesses and try different strategies to defeat them.
  • Switch between characters or play co-op — Join the journey as a flying homunculus that can fight, solve puzzles, collect resources, and play with a friend!